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The main role of the Colfax PTA is to build strong working relationships among our parents, teachers and school staff in order to provide services and programs in support of students. Dues are required to be considered a member. Here at Colfax, dues are $13, part of which goes to the national organization to help with legislation and advocacy and part of which we get to keep for our school related programs.


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Who are we?

The PTA board consists of two volunteers per position. Most serve a two year term. Our board is elected in the Spring of each year. If you're interested in running for a position, please see the front office for a form, check back on this site during the nomination process or contact a current board member below.





PTA Presidents - Sunny Reagan & Jennifer Rohde

VP Membership - Scott Uhlfelder

VP Communications - Carley Croom

Treasurer - Kelly Pavone

Parliamentarian - Octavio Chaidez

Secretaries (shared with PACE) - Hazel Sanchez & Drea Resnick





Beautification (shared with PACE) - Octavio ChaidezBrad CarrRebecca  Correa & Krissy Vick

Holds quarterly clean-up events for families to help keep our campus updated and beautiful.


Best Book Forward - Elissa Johnson & Scott Uhlfelder

Takes, prints and displays the photos of students holding their favorite books featured in the hallway outside the front office.


Book Fair - Sharon Maza, Jessica Enriquez Lisa Bay Santiago

Coordinates our annual Scholastic Book Fair event.


Colfax Cares - Sunny Reagan & Jennifer Rohde

Offers support to Colfax families, teachers, & staff upon the passing of an immediate family member or long term medical care is needed.


Fifth Grade Parent Tributes - OPEN POSITION - email colfaxvolunteers@gmail.com for more info!

Creates a video montage to celebrate our 5th grade parent volunteers.


Food Trucks - Jennifer Rohde & OPEN POSITION - email colfaxvolunteers@gmail.com for more info!

Schedules and oversees food trucks for 2-3 Colfax events during the school year, typically Fall & Spring.


Food & Toy Drive - Sharon Maza & Jeanne Simpson

Collects, sorts & distributes food & toys during the holidays for Colfax families in need.


Holiday Boutique - Polina Abarca & Jennifer Rohde 

Creates a holiday wonderland each December so our students can shop for their families & friends.


Hospitality - Megan Linden & Polina Abarca

Provides coffee, snacks & refreshments for various school events throughout the year.


Inclusion Diversity Equity for All (IDEA) - Megan Linden & Amy Wolfsohn 

Liaises between the Colfax parent community, teachers and administration to build bridges through constructive communication. Supports and initiates programs and activities that promote inclusion, diversity and equity for all.


I.D.E.A.-This Is Us - Kelly Morin Mary Beth Ferrante

Plans and executes the annual This Is Us celebration, honoring the diversity of the Colfax community.


Kinder Leads - Patricia Dinsky, Erica Reynoso, Donna Silver, Maria RamosBalqis Abbadi,

Rebecca Zubia, Lenna Poulatian & Mary Alyce Lambert

Coordinates and executes the 6 special Kinder/TK events while working closely with Kinder/TK room reps. Hosts the following school year's "Welcome Play Date" for TK/K families.


Lost & Found - Jennifer Rohde & OPEN POSITION - email colfaxvolunteers@gmail.com for more info!

Organizes, maintains and donates items lost by students on campus.


       Colfax Families Park Playdates - Krissy Vick, Mimi Reyes, Sonyia Eshaya, Tika Wilson & Jennifer Chan

Plans, organizes and executes Colfax Park Playdates.


Parent Education - Jennifer Rohde, Alma E. Cortés

Schedules speakers to come to Colfax to cover various topics for the benefit of our parent community.


Room Parent Leads -  Sharon Maza & Danielle Zimmerman & Johanna Kichaven

Coordinates our room parent program and communicates information to be sent out to classes.


Teacher Appreciation

Celebrates our teachers all year long and organizes events for teacher appreciation week, including breakfast, massages, gifts & appreciation by class.

              Birthdays -Kelly Judd & Tiara  Starks - email colfaxvolunteers@gmail.com for more info!

Welcome Back Week - Sunny Reagan & Jennifer Rohde

Teacher Appreciation Week - Daphne McVay & Mary Beth Ferrante

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon - Daphne McVay & Vickey Brash

Principal, Staff, Custodian & Cafeteria Staff - Sunny Reagan & Jennifer Rohde



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