PACE is proud to fund and support these exceptional staff members, enrichment programs, technology, capital improvements and more!


classroom aides

In the Classroom, PACE funds:

Aides for every classroom! These important staff members cut the adult:student ratio in our classrooms in half. All classes enjoy time with an aide every day of the week. Our aides also enable our teachers to work in smaller groups of students, allowing for more focused instruction. They provide supervision on the play yard, at lunchtime and assist with morning drop-off.




To bring our students the best in Technology, PACE funds:

Computer Lab full of new Apple desktop computers, weekly instruction by technology education program, Enriched Minds and iPads for grades TK-1.



ART instruction & supplies

To enrich our student's education with Art, PACE funds:

Our wonderful Art Teacher, Ms. Klace, who can be found inspiring masterpieces in all grades throughout the year - on YouTube, Zoom and in the classroom! Art is such an important part of a child’s development, and at Colfax we are fortunate to have an amazing art curriculum. Mrs. Klace has a degree in Art Education from The Ohio State University and has worked as an art teacher, a scenic painter for commercials and film, and a professional painter, selling paintings through a local gallery. She has been teaching our Colfax kids for over a decade and loves introducing her students to new artists like Keith Haring.  During her classes, students create a variety of fun projects while developing skills they will carry with them throughout their education such as; working with geometric shapes, exploring spatial relations, and creating their own designs.



Music instruction & supplies


To foster a love of Music, PACE funds:

Instrumental music for Kindergarten through 5th grade. Suzuki violin instruction by the impressive Ms. Gail is an incredible introduction to music for all Colfax Kindergarteners. Later grades go on to study piano, taught by Burbank Music Academy, the recorder and general music education.



Science aide & lab supplies

In the Science Lab, PACE funds:

Instruction by our Science Aide, Ms. Leila. The Colfax Science Lab including all the supplies needed for science experiments and the food and care necessary for the Science Lab critters.




On the Yard, PACE funds:

Instruction for our Physical Education & Psychomotor program. All classes receive thoughtful, engaging physical education year-round. Playground & lunch supervision. All provided by campus favorites, Coach Mark and Ms. Kate. During these classes, students learn to work as a team, try new skills, explore the outdoors and burn off some energy all while exploring new ways to keep their bodies healthy through physical & mental exercise!


garden Aide & supplies

Garden Program by EnrichLA:

A brand new complete refresh of the entire Colfax garden! EnrichLA program which built and maintains the garden in harmony with nature, soil, plants and animals. Classes in the garden with our EnrichLA Garden Ranger who uses inquiry-based education to help students TK-5th grade establish an immediate connection between the process of growing fruits and vegetables and consuming these foods.


Farm Aide & animal care

In the Farm PACE funds:

Instruction by our caring & hilarious Science Aide, Ms. Leila. Veterinary care. Animal Food & Housing. Supplies for Farm Club. Our Colfax Farm is a Valley Village neighborhood treasure! The only LAUSD elementary school with a working farm, our community takes pride in raising and care for our animals. Our farm is home to three pigs (Buddy, Peppa & Honey) as well as sheep, a Sulcata tortoise (Zoom), turtles, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks and chickens. Stop by the farm anytime!


capital improvements


All Around School, PACE funds:

All Around School, PACE funds: A total Library Refresh, including new carpet, blinds, murals, whimsical art installations and BOOKS! New Playground Benches and Basketball Pole Padding. Hand-Painted Murals on the wall ball courts.  Sound System for the assembly area. Buses for field trips. State of the art SMART boards for every classroom.



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