Welcome to the Colfax Parent Organizations - PACE and PTA. Together, these two organizations plan and run all of the fundraising for our charter school so that we can provide our children with the enriched education they deserve. It is through these efforts that we are able to provide classrooms aides, staff for science and art, as well as our violin program, school farm, garden and so much more. It truly does take a village to make our school great.


To learn a little more about how these groups differ, the opportunities they provide to Colfax and how you can get involved, click the links below! Most Colfax Parents are a member of BOTH organizations; we are one big family. By virtue of being a parent/grandparent of a Colfax student, you are automatically a member of PACE - welcome! To become a member of the PTA, please click the membership button below.



PACE, which stands for Parents Association Colfax Elementary, is the fundraising engine of Colfax. Last year we spent over $500,000 (yes, that's half a million dollars!!) providing enrichment staff & programming for Colfax students!

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Our PTA is the heart of Colfax, providing needed support for all families, teachers & students as well as doing some FUNraising along the way!

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Our wonderful staff

We couldn't do any of this without the dedication of our professional and caring teachers and staff. Thank you to everyone who works so hard for the Colfax students and community!