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Originally delivered on 3/3/2023 9:32 am

SUBJECT: The Results Are In...

Read A Thon

BRAVO to each and every one of you for participating in this year's Read-A-Thon. The entire school read a total of 277,857 minutes and we are so proud!

Now without further ado, the winners are....
Top 3 Readers of the School

1st Place:    Benjamin Person Muller from Mrs. Chester's class with 5,002 minutes

2nd Place:   Milo Cragnotti from Ms. Rosa's class with 4,523 minutes

3rd Place:    Emmy Kraus from Ms. Hanlon's class with 4,232 minutes

Our top 3 readers will receive a trophy, a gift card to the Scholastic Book Fair and get to personally Silly String Mr. Gorton on March 17th in front of the whole school!

Class with the Most Minutes

Mrs. Chester's class 

with over 20,800 minutes read!

What an amazing team effort! Mrs. Chester's 3rd grade class had the most minutes read per participating student. They win the coveted class trophy and will receive a cupcake party!

Top Readers of Each Grade Level

TK/Kinder:   Liam Paglen from Mrs. Tepper's class with 2,443 minutes

1st Grade:   Josiah Hylton from Ms. Steele's class with 1,037 minutes

2nd Grade:   Evie Lambert from Ms. Rosa's class with 4,084 minutes

3rd Grade:  Kayden Bye from Ms. Reuben's class with 4,200 minutes

4th Grade:   Bianca Mussig from Ms. Khalili's class with 2,187 minutes

5th Grade:   Olivia Perez Howe from Mrs. Alexander's class with 3,805 minutes

The winners of each grade level will receive a super cool personalized medal! Way to go, reading super stars!

Top Readers of Each Classroom

The top readers of each classroom will receive reading weepul! Congratulations to you all!




Student / Minutes



Ms. Thomassian/Ms. Suing

Leonardo Maguire (1,000 min)

TKMs. Stresino

Angelo Barrera (400 m


Ms. GalindoFiona Cragnotti (913 min)



Mrs. Haim

Zayvin Mathew (904 min)



Mrs. Hamburger

Aksenia O (544 min)



Mrs. Tepper

Liam Pagan (2,443 min)



Mrs. Yorke

Eleanor Aiken (902 min)


1st Grade

Ms. Martellaro

Benjamin Ultreras (806 min)


1st Grade

Mrs. Mason

Gia Mariano (1,184 min)


1st Grade

Mrs. Maynes

Oliver Ferenczi (1,050 min)


1st Grade

Mrs. Steele

Josiah Hilton (1,307 min)


1st Grade

Ms. Watts

Oscar Young (1,229 min)


2nd Grade

Mrs. Rosá

Evie Lambert (4084 min)


2nd Grade

Ms. Rosenstein

Hunter Paglen (2,212 min)


2nd Grade

Mrs. Varone

Ayden Andrews (1745 min)


2nd Grade

Ms. Walsh

Eva De Seixas Correa (3,296 min)


2nd Grade

Ms. Wells

Matthew Hannah (3,490 min)


3rd Grade

Mrs. Chester

Zara Humphries (4,172 min)


3rd Grade

Mrs. Reuben

Kayden Bye (4,200 min)


3rd Grade

Mr. Sepkowitz

Rowan Mills (1,638 min)


3rd Grade

Mrs. Simon

Santiago Sanchez (2,976 min)


3rd Grade

Mrs. Steinbach

Eleonora Kahan (3,106 min)


4th Grade

Mrs. Howe

Elise Egger (1,221 min)


4th Grade

Mrs. Madsen

Willow Amir (1,775 min)


4th Grade

Mr. Rosen

Ella HuYoung (1,482 min)

4th Grade

Ms. KhaliliBianca Mussig (2,187 min)


5th Grade

Ms. Alexander

Olivia Perez Howe (3,805 min)


5th Grade

Mrs. Craven

Onabella Sol Andrews (2,331 min)


5th Grade

Mrs. Hanlon

Vivienne Rzonca (2,898 min)

1000 Minute Club!

A very special welcome to all these amazing readers who now join the 1,000 minute club!

Nisa Adams, Willow Amir, Ayden Andrews, Onabella Sol Andrews, Oliver Arbiter, Bianca Babbington, Solomon Bass, Dominic Batiste, Ruby Bell, Luna Benson, Harriet Bozen, Kayden Bye, Theodor Capra, Esteban Carmona, Madison Cerwin, Eva De Seixas Correa, Lucas De Seixas Correa, Milo Cragnotti, Jonah Cruz, Warren Deters, Valentina Diaz, Elise Egger, Oliver Ferenczi, Stella Goldenshtein, Norman Gulas, Nina Hajdu, Matthew Hanna, Stella Hasapoglou, Olivia Perez Howe, Darwynn Hsui, Zara Humphries, Ella HuYoung, Josiah Hylton, Emily Israel, Eleonora Kahan, Aarya Kammili, Easton Keeffe, Lilah Keeffe, Ander Kelleher, Parker Kim, Jonah Krajcsik-Forgo, Alsie Kraus, Emmy Kraus, Evie Lambert, Luke Lerner, Susanna Lisenkov, Alexis Luu, Liv Lyons, Flynn Maguire, Leonardo Maguire, Gia Mariano, Kinsley McVay, Romi Meyer, Rowan Mills, Valentina Moreno, Aurora Person Müller, Benjamin Person Müller, Bianca Mussig, Grayson Mussig, Remi Nichols, Hunter Paglen, Liam Paglan, Sloane Pearson, Aaron Priceman, Audrey Romero, Vivienne Rzonca, Cai Rule, Bianca Sacramento, Santiago Sanchez, Anabella Jimenez Simon, Henry Sippy, Theo Staikos, Julius Tesler, Ryden Tseng, Anson Vick, Kailani Weir, Mariana Wise, Emelina Wolfsohn, Maxim Yakunichev, Oscar Young

Thank you to everyone who has shared and donated to Read-A-Thon! All money raised from the 2023 Read-A-Thon will go towards expanding our beloved library and programs to further our children's literacy education.

If your child reached their $25 goal, you'll receive a digital copy of their adorable Best Book Forward portrait from September. 

The school raised DOUBLE our fundraising goal, with a total of over $22,000! Great job, Colfax! We can't wait to see you all at a SPECIAL ASSEMBLY on Friday, 3/17 where we will present the Read-A-Thon trophies and SILLY STRING MR. GORTON!!!! Details to come.

Great job, Colfax!! We couldn't be more proud of your efforts. Keep reading and we'll see you next year!

The Colfax Read-A-Thon Chairs,

Martina Papinchak & Christina Wise

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