K - Tepper

Goal: $1,200
Ranking #1
Raised $1,858
Needed Goal Met!
Time Left 2 days
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campaign image for TURKEY TROT & FALL FITNESS CHALLENGE 2022

Help us teach our students the importance of giving back by raising money for Colfax through participation in our annual Turkey Trot & Fall Fitness Challenge! Students will exercise their way through 7 exciting fitness stations in the Colfax neighborhood to promote healthy habits, physical well-being, and fun!


In addition to donations going directly to support Classroom Aides, Art, Science, Music, and Computer Technology curricula for our students, Turkey Trot fundraising places an additional emphasis on raising money to support our Physical Education program, coaches and supplies. Let's get movin' Colfax!


Our Goal $25,000
$19,458 Raised
$5,542 Needed

Donations accepted until 11/30/2022 12:00 am

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K - Tepper$1,858
1 - Watts$1,325
2 - Varone$1,385
K - Hamburger$1,321
K - Haim$1,098
TK - Suing/Thomassian$1,026

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Recent Donations

$23.00 from unknown
4 days ago

So Scarlett I look forwarding to hearing about the 7 Stations.

$25.00 from Mimi
5 days ago

Trot along my precious Maggie.

$25.00 from Wesley Heiser
5 days ago
$25.00 from Celi
5 days ago

Go Lucas, go!

$100.00 from Marilu and Felipe
2 weeks ago

Go Lucas! Love from Vovoh and Vovo

$10.00 from unknown
2 weeks ago

Go Scarlett! Run fast, work hard.

$25.00 from anonymous
2 weeks ago

Great work Easton! Love you with all our heart and soul!

$50.00 from anonymous
2 weeks ago

Mommy and Daddy love you!

$50.00 from Debra McKay
2 weeks ago

Colfax has provided the rich soil for you to sprout and grow!

$25.00 from unknown
2 weeks ago

You can do this Beckett! XO Linda and Duncan

$25.00 from unknown
2 weeks ago

Sounds interesting Beckett….but I’m sure you’ll nail it
Papa Stu

$50.00 from Brieanne and Tom
2 weeks ago

Congrats Easton! Keep it going...You're doing amazing!! Much love!

$25.00 from Susanna Weinberger
3 weeks ago

Go Maggie! Love mom and dad

$50.00 from Sheryl
3 weeks ago


$25.00 from unknown
3 weeks ago

Keep up the good work, Easton! Love, Auntie Cari, Uncle Robb, Auden and Avery

$50.00 from anonymous
3 weeks ago

So glad you LOVE your school
And your teachers and new friends!

$50.00 from unknown
3 weeks ago

Good luck with your challenge Beckett❤️. Grandma and Dennis will be cheering you on from Canada 😊

$25.00 from Grandpa & Pat
3 weeks ago

Grandpa & Pat are cheering you on from Canada. We love you Beckett!

$50.00 from Ashley
3 weeks ago

Go Easton! Congrats on being a rock star!!!

$10.00 from Juliet Hermelee
3 weeks ago

Go Easton!!!! <3

$5.00 from anonymous
3 weeks ago

yay Easton!

$10.00 from Mary Beth Yale
3 weeks ago

Congrats on completing all of your challenges Easton!!!
Love, Mary Beth

$75.00 from Brud
3 weeks ago
$100.00 from Lauren Stubblefield
3 weeks ago
$25.00 from Did
3 weeks ago


$100.00 from anonymous
3 weeks ago


$25.00 from Erin E. Westerfield
3 weeks ago

Erin and Emma

$100.00 from Patricia Walter
3 weeks ago

Happy Turkey Trotting to Maggie!
Grandpa and Grandma

$25.00 from Roan
3 weeks ago

Go Maggie, go!!

$50.00 from unknown
3 weeks ago

We are so proud of your effort. Go Maya! Love Uncle Jim and Auntie Kris.

$200.00 from anonymous
3 weeks ago

Go, go, go Maya!!!!!!
Gran and Gramps

$50.00 from unknown
3 weeks ago

Go Maya! - Love, Harrison

$50.00 from anonymous
11/3/2022 7:04 am

Go Maya. Love Auntie Sue

$25.00 from anonymous
11/2/2022 9:31 pm

Go, Maya, go! Love from Auntie Molly

$50.00 from Bubbie and Avi
11/2/2022 8:33 pm

Have fun Maya- we know you’ll do great!!! 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️
Love, ❤️🦋❤️

$50.00 from unknown
11/2/2022 3:08 pm

Grandma and Gaghee

$25.00 from The Topfs
11/2/2022 11:27 am

Good luck, Scarlett. Your NH aunt, uncle and cousins are thinking of you and support you in all you do!