K - Hamburger

Goal: $1,200
Ranking #4
Raised $1,321
Needed Goal Met!
Time Left 2 days
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campaign image for TURKEY TROT & FALL FITNESS CHALLENGE 2022

Help us teach our students the importance of giving back by raising money for Colfax through participation in our annual Turkey Trot & Fall Fitness Challenge! Students will exercise their way through 7 exciting fitness stations in the Colfax neighborhood to promote healthy habits, physical well-being, and fun!


In addition to donations going directly to support Classroom Aides, Art, Science, Music, and Computer Technology curricula for our students, Turkey Trot fundraising places an additional emphasis on raising money to support our Physical Education program, coaches and supplies. Let's get movin' Colfax!


Our Goal $25,000
$19,458 Raised
$5,542 Needed

Donations accepted until 11/30/2022 12:00 am

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K - Tepper$1,858
1 - Watts$1,325
2 - Varone$1,385
K - Hamburger$1,321
K - Haim$1,098
TK - Suing/Thomassian$1,026

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Recent Donations

$25.00 from Aunt Marissa, Uncle Aaron, Callan and Olly :)
6 days ago

Harper! We're so excited that you're going to do a Turkey Trot to raise money for all the awesome activities at your school! Have fun!

$10.00 from unknown
2 weeks ago
$50.00 from Gramma and Grampa Genzink
2 weeks ago

Trot Harper Trot!! What a great way to raise money for Colfax. We can't wait to hear all about it. And maybe you can draw a picture of the day?! Have fun!

$100.00 from unknown
2 weeks ago

Go Nicky! Show your trotting skills!!! Love Meemie and G

$100.00 from Meemie and G
2 weeks ago

Go Nicky! We love you....

$100.00 from mom and dad
2 weeks ago

Love you Kennedy

$100.00 from Bibi, Josh, Eve and Nate
2 weeks ago

Have a great run, Nicky!!!! Love you!

$50.00 from Callie and New Josh
2 weeks ago

Way to go Nicky! We love you!

$25.00 from Thomas Torres
2 weeks ago

You got this Liam!!
-Love Tio Tommy

$25.00 from unknown
2 weeks ago

You got this Liam!!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Love Tia Vere.

$50.00 from Grandpa, Mario
2 weeks ago

Hi Harper! I’m so happy to know that you will be helping to raise money to do fun things at your school. Good job! Love you lots!

$50.00 from unknown
2 weeks ago

Go Nicky!! Amma and Appa love u!!!❤️

$50.00 from Lisa
2 weeks ago

Yay, Nicky!

$25.00 from Nancy Zegarra
2 weeks ago

Keep going Liam!
-Love mom & dad

$50.00 from unknown
2 weeks ago

Hi Harper
I am so excited to hear that you are doing a turkey trot.
Have fun.
We love you.
Grandma and Grandpa Hickey

$36.00 from anonymous
2 weeks ago

Go Ms. Hamburger's Class!

$100.00 from Love Uncle Zach
3 weeks ago

Anything for Rafe

$50.00 from unknown
3 weeks ago
$25.00 from Nicolas fam
3 weeks ago

Have a fun trot!

$25.00 from Ayra
3 weeks ago
$100.00 from anonymous
3 weeks ago

Yay adam!

$25.00 from David Peck
3 weeks ago
$100.00 from Cruz, Max & Harley
11/2/2022 4:20 pm

Good luck trotting with those Turkey’s Masson!!!
We’re cheering you on from Florida!!!